(London) Save the Congo welcomes and support the potential of the 11+4 Congo Accord, which the former Irish President, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and now UN Special Envoy for the Great Lakes, Mrs Mary Robinson, has termed as “A Framework of Hope” for the peoples of the Great Lakes.

Signed on 24 February 2013 in the Ethiopian capital: Addis Ababa, the Framework of Hope requires a comprehensive mix of actions by all who have responsibilities, nationally, regionally and internationally; and calls for the establishment of a regional oversight mechanism involving the eleven countries and the leaders of four international organisations; and the signatories agreed to jointly develop a plan of implementation for the Framework, which shall include the establishment of benchmarks and follow-up measures to deliver on commitments made under the Framework.

Save the Congo’ founder, Vava Tampa, said:

“Mrs Mary Robinson has been highly active since her appointment in seeking to galvanise the Frameworks co – signatories to translate their commitment into tangible actions for peace. We support her work and greatly appreciate her commitment to work both “top down” and “bottom-up” – a significant departure from previous Great Lakes peace efforts.“

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