48 women are raped in the Congo alone every hour. Sign now to end this!

Little Marie was only 13 years old when she was caught by a militia group and taken into the bush where she was repeatedly abused for 8 endless months. Every single minute, one woman is being mercilessly raped in the Congo with almost none of the rapists being ever convicted. But now, we have a massive chance to end this impunity and save thousands of women’s lives.

British Foreign Minister Hague and Angelina Jolie have invited world leaders to a global summit to end rape as a weapon of war in June. 138 governments have signed a “declaration to end sexual violence” – and this summit is our chance to turn their bold words into concrete results and not let them fob away rape victims with empty promises. Congo is the rape capital of the world and if we get our leaders to support the establishment of an International Crime Tribunal, we can end the impunity to use rape as a weapon of war and create a global media wave that reaches even the last corner in the Africa and make potential rapists think twice.

We can make 2014 the year that laid the foundation to end the impunity to use rape as a weapon of war! Please sign our petition to G8 Foreign Ministers to end impunity for warzone rape and other crimes in Congo.

Petition Text:

“We ask you to establish an International Criminal Tribunal for Congo to end impunity for the use of rape as a weapon of war and for other crimes of international concern in that country. Over 6 million Congolese have been mercilessly killed and countless number of women and young girls have been brutally raped with total impunity. You can end this evil now.”

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