The #YellowSunday Team

Our ambassadors, patrons and supporters are talented, passionate and dearly special people; and they make a special, valuable and lasting difference in realising our ambition: to enable 10, 000 Congolese women living in conflict and post-conflict zones to train in 10 key sectors of Congolese society over the next 10 years – starting with 1, 000 nurses. They do this by using their resources, expertise, contacts, time and social media platform to tell our story and spread awareness about #YellowSunday: what it stands for, what it means and why you as well as our friends and families should go yellow on #YellowSunday –– and in doing so they help raise the much–needed funds in support of Congolese women, their families, communities and country. And for this we are forever grateful to each and every one of them. Please click here to learn about our 2017 #YellowSunday plan. If you know anyone you feel we should reach out to, please do not hesitate to email us:

Our Ambassadors

Horcelie Sinda – Miss Congo UK 2017

Audrey Badibanga – Blogger

Ruth Misamu – Artist

Nissy Tee – YouTuber

Gasandji – Artist

Prisca Khoza – Miss Congo SA 2016

Nessa Kayy – Vlogger

Sycha Mubiaya – Model

Mya Santos – Campaigner & Entrepreneur

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